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go ramblers!

Boyne City High School


go ramblers!

Boyne City High School

go ramblers!

Boyne City High School

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9 months ago @ 12:24PM

Digital Ticketing Now Available!

Boyne City Athletics is now prepared for digital ticketing for spectators at athletic events this school year! Under current MHSAA regulations, we cannot sell paper tickets and exchange money upon entry, so we have partnered with Ticket Spicket to offer digital ticket purchasing.  The number of tickets that will be available for purchase will vary by contest depending upon whether it is indoors or outdoors and the number of teams competing at that event.


How do I purchase tickets?

You may either go to and click on the “Buy Tickets Online” link OR go directly to: and purchase your tickets.

Upon entry to the contest, you will be asked to show the ticket on your screen at the door/table, then press on the ticket for 2 seconds, and your digital ticket will “tear” and you’re ready to cheer on our Ramblers!


Why are we selling tickets digitally now?

Per MHSAA rules, all schools have been asked to NOT accept cash at the door and exchange tickets and instead sell tickets digitally. In the future, we will return to normal cash ticket sales while also offering the digital option as an alternative. 


Link to Directions for Purchasing Digital Tickets

***Please note that some athletic events (notably Middle School Volleyball) are not yet posted to the digital ticketing website and will be added as we go along.***

If you have questions on purchasing tickets digitally, or are having any type of technical difficulty, please contact the Athletic Office:


Adam Stefanski - 231 439 8164

Megan Neidhamer - 231 439 8155

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