go ramblers!

Boyne City High School


go ramblers!

Boyne City High School

go ramblers!

Boyne City High School

Tuesday 9/15/2020 @ 4:00 PM
(H) LMC @ Boyne Mountain


 The Varsity cross country teams competed in a home meet at Boyne Mountain. The boys took fifth place and the girls' team finished in third, only four points out of second. It was an extremely challenging course and the teams fought hard the whole way.


The boys' team was led by senior Gavin Carson, who finished in 11 place, with a time of 19:40. Senior Will Maginity put in a very solid race, finishing 16 place and a time of 19:58. Freshman Liam Dart continues to gain confidence in his racing, finishing third on the team and in 27th place overall in a time of 21:59. Rounding out the boys' team was senior Jeffrey Kerr in 35th place (23:06), freshman Corbin Smith in 40th (23:55), sophomore Colin Boyer in 43rd (24:13) , and junior Paxton Giem in 48th ( 26:43).


The girls' team once again showed off their depth with a strong core group of runners. Sophomore Ava Maginity led the race from start to finish and claimed first place in a winning time of 20:46. The second Rambler to finish was  senior Taylor Noble in 8th (24:03). Third was sophomore Reagan Woodall in 10th (24:20). Then sophomore Rachel Clausen in 14th (25:11)  and  junior Lydia Frasz in 18th (25:52).  The rest of the team finished in the following order:

senior Kari Day in 32nd (28:45)

sophomore Maddy Sobleski in 35th (30:01) 

freshman Emilee Fisher in 37th( 30:54) ,

and freshman Madi Mathers in 41st ( 36:51).


Coach Herrmann's comments: 

I was really impressed with Gavin Carson and Ava Maginity. Both of them learned some lessons from the first meet and started the race more conservatively this time, which helped them finish stronger.Although it's mid-September, this was only our second meet of the season, and each meet gives us the opportunity to learn something for the next time. We know that we'll return to this course in October for the conference meet, so we've got some work to do to be better prepared for its challenges next time. It was tempting for the kids to get discouraged about their slow times, but I told them they should really be called "badges of honor" for surviving a tough course.

The Rambler runners will compete again next Tuesday in Indian River.

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