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go ramblers!

Boyne City High School


go ramblers!

Boyne City High School

go ramblers!

Boyne City High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

3.0 months ago @ 1:45PM

Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. Lake City Invite

Game Date
Aug 24, 2023

Boyne City Varsity volleyball team played in Lake City, who hosted a quad that had Mancelona and Pine River present. Our first match was against Lake City. We had been studying this team for the past few days. We knew Lake City had some good players and adapted to it. Our first set we lost which ended 17-25. We started out super strong with Ava Snyder serving. I was missing some of my strong players Elly Wilcox due to absences from practice and Josie Wilson not able to make it. I was nervous I couldn’t have my starting lineup out there but we showed up with the help of Ava Snyder at the net and serving. Our second set we lost a close game 26-28. I was able to get Elly Wilcox in and she played hard at the net. Doing really well finging their open spots. We won against Mancelona (2-0, 25-21 and 25-15). We also won against Pine River (2-1, 25-12, and 26-28 and 15-13). I think the team really did well with our first set against Lake City. Taking that first lost of the season was hard but we played as hard as we could and it didn't disappoint.



Ava Tarsi - 11 kills, 54 assists, 10 aces and 14 digs

Aubrey Burns - 52 digs

Ava Snyder - 15 kills, 7 aces

Elly Wilcox - 25 kills, 20 digs

Brianna Ager - 14 digs 

Ameilia Dunstan - 15 kills